Someone recently said to me that I am very competitive . Maybe I am , but I am definitely competitive with myself and thats where it counts right ?!

Three years ago I entered my ‘L’Amour’ cake into the National Sugarcraft  show and achieved a ‘Commended’ which although fantastic I was a little disappointed with if I’m honest. So what do you do ? Leave the cake in your cake room promising you would recreate it in another guise , but showcasing your improvement in skills within the 3 years in the hope to achieve a medal . Well God damn it , my stubborness paid off for once and I floated home to Wexford with my gold medal !!

The competition in itself is a great platform , not only to meet your peers , discover some new gadgets with the cake suppliers but also attend the many demos on offer .

The competition itself  is judged by an international panel of judges who fly in for the show and it is all anonymous , so noone knows your work till the judging has been completed .I love the professionalism involved and it really is a true merit of your work , those medals are always well deserved when you see the amount of hours and weeks that are put into the entries .

Some people wonder why , if a competition cake isnt commercially viable beacuse of the hours spent on it then why bother?  Well for me it is about the challenge , the challenge to test your skill level , maybe learn something new and grow as sometimes you dont get the chance to recreate what you want to do for your customer . You have complete free rein , no budget constraints only what your imaginations allows and time unfortunately . Did I mention the drive to Cork is interesting with a competition piece in the boot . I should really make the AA aware of it next time round ….there may have been tailbacks …’Driving Miss Daisy’ springs to mind .

The piece in itself is to depict Sprintime in Paris . A lovers stroll along the Seine towards the Champs Elysees as the cherry blossoms are falling . Romantic , right ?

I Hope you enjoy it , I certainly enjoyed making it .

Do ye reckon I might have a thing for Cherry Blossoms ?!