Trends for 2017

So the date is set and you have the reception booked and all of a sudden people are asking you what your colour scheme or theme you are going with . Before you get yourself into a state of confusion we have narrowed down what we feel are the most popular trends for your wedding cake in 2017 .

Good Luck with your planning and remember Enjoy it !!


From subtly painted lustred tones to full on edible gold leaf or silver, the metallic trend has something to satisfy everyone’s inner magpie. The gold leaf in particular looks great in splashes on fruit on your naked cake, adds a touch of glamour to the drip cakes and on sugar pasted cakes when paired with crisp, clean lines looks extremely elegant.


Is this the ‘new vintage’? I’m not sure, but it certainly encapsulates a broad range of cakes in different states of undress ! So into the mix goes your naked cake , so think tiered cake with fruit/ fresh flowers we’ve all seen them right , to the more updated version, the semi naked cake, swiped with a thin layer of buttercream, to a dressed cake with a rustic theme , including more earthy elements like foliage, wood and fruit.  Add to it touches of gold leaf or possibly incorporating a drip design to keep the look up to date.


One of my particular favourites, it seems like more is more when it comes to flowers this year. Whether you prefer real flowers or the sugar variety, the blooms are getting bigger for sure. Soft toned, whimsical bouquets of sugar flowers can really add romance and paired with some delicate  hand painted foliage or flowers, it really does add the wow factor.


Not a flower person? Well this modern sleek design is perfect for you. Think geometric shapes painted in 2D on your cake and then brought to life with 3D. Chic clean lines and angular shapes add a real modern twist, add some marbling into the mix whether hand painted or through the sugar paste and you’ve got this nailed!


Yes wedding tiers seem to be getting taller every year and 2017 is no exception. To really catch your eye, add different heights throughout your tiered cake for a fresh updated look and see how it instantly adds more elegance.

Foliage takes Centre Stage

Like with all the trends throughout fashion we look to Pantone for colour inspiration .For 2017 it is ‘greenery’.

Incorporating this into cake might mean , with a plain or textured white cake , the addition of foliage keeps the look simple and fresh .Even if it is only used to dress your cake table it certainlyupdates the look and adds t the wow factor .

Suit yourself

Yes I’m all for it. Most important trend of them all. Don’t be a slave to trends. If you like a particular flavour get it. If you like a particular design, get it. It is your cake, you are more than likely paying for it, so get what you want, always.